Vendor Compliance Audit

Superior Solutions to Healthcare’s Complex Challenges

Periodic audits of vendor software and services to ensure compliance with standards of HIPAA, CLEA, HIMSS, and other regulatory bodies are essential to identifying areas of risk to an organization. A standard best practice to audit vendors who supply healthcare facilities with software and other IT services is to enlist the aid of an independent third party to conduct a compliance audit.  MMY’s Compliance Audit solutions provide a vendor-neutral approach to support your organization’s total risk management program.


Conducting a vendor compliance audit requires exceptional expertise and in-depth knowledge of both the software being audited and the vendor’s reputation in the industry.  MMY Consulting brings the knowledge required to conduct compliance audits on all healthcare software and and IT systems.  Services include but are not limited to:

  • HIPAA privacy and security standards
  • NCQA
  • Medicare Medicaid payment policies and procedures

MMY’s vendor compliance audit services provide a standard methodology and assessment process that evaluates the vendor’s conformity with federal, state, and local government legislative requirements. The outcome is a complete report identifying areas of vulnerability and non-compliance.

MMY has successfully delivered exceptional savings to several clients after conducting thorough audits of their external vendors. Check out our success stories to learn more.