Operational Optimization

Superior Solutions to Healthcare’s Complex Challenges

MMY’s Operational Optimization service guides clients in establishing a framework for organizing, automating and analyzing business methodologies, metrics, processes and systems that will drive business performance and assist in achieving the optimal state. This includes process reviews as well as reporting and benchmarking.

Workflow Process Review:

  • Workflow process current state
  • Identify areas for improvement (findings / projects)
  • Recommendations for improvement (Best Practice)
  • Create workflow process for future state
  • Create metrics to measure process flow improvement
  • Risk mitigation strategy for maintaining status quo

Reporting and Benchmarking:

  • Establish baseline measurements (Best Practice)
  • Create applicable benchmarks for all areas
  • Monitor and measure progress toward benchmarks
  • Monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key Performance Drivers (KPDs)

The optimization cycle consists of a continuous process of monitoring the appropriate metrics, looking for a variance from the targets or norms, then determining an approach to address the issue. This can be a time-consuming process for staff that already have a full plate of responsibilities. Why not leave the heavy lifting to the experts at MMY? Click on the brochure below to learn more!