Charge Description Master (CDM) Audit Services

Superior Solutions to Healthcare’s Complex Challenges

The Charge Description Master (CDM) is considered the heart of any healthcare facility. Comprehending its impact on billing, reimbursement, and compliance requires experienced revenue cycle professionals who fully understand the intricate process flow. Periodic CDM audits help to ensure the integrity of the checks and balances needed for a healthy, compliant ChargeMaster.

MMY consultants approach each CDM Audit with a proven proprietary methodology and set of tools to ensure optimal results for missed opportunities related to outdated charge / revenue codes. This comprehensive service includes but is not limited to:

  • Identification of invalid HCPCS and Revenue Codes
  • Review of all line items for charge compliance and use of modifiers
  • Identification of missing charges, compliance problems and billing issues
  • Chart Reviews
  • Verification of facility pricing against fee schedules and pricing data
  • A comprehensive final report outlining all updates, deletions, and opportunities to capture un-billed charges for services rendered.

As a trusted partner, MMY will ensure your optimized ChargeMaster meets compliance requirements and contains accurate information. Engage with an MMY expert today!