Facility Technology Services

The growing complexity of technology solutions available today demands a new approach when integrating the infrastructure into the facilities of tomorrow. The extent to which convergence can be achieved between these disparate solutions is key in ensuring your technology investment supports your business objectives and can address the challenges of constant change in your organization.

Whether you are planning a new facility, renovating an existing building, or planning a technology upgrade, our professionals provide a comprehensive approach to implementing IT infrastructure beginning at the facility design and working through the construction and commissioning phases of a project.

MMY works closely with client project stakeholders and staff, architects, contractors, and your information technology organization to achieve infrastructure delivery on time and within budget. We can help you:

  • Define your requirements and validate workflow in the new facility
  • Serve as your single point of IT accountability on the construction project
  • Provide leadership on selecting and purchasing technology solutions
  • Create the needed project governance structure
  • Develop the infrastructure plan and coordinate with construction milestones
  • Review the facility design for optimal technology integration
  • Manage the implementation of the IT infrastructure
  • Monitor and mitigate project risks and issues
  • Direct the systems integration of technology solutions
  • Manage the commissioning of the systems and infrastructure

Our Facility Technology Services Offerings:

Technology Planning

MMY Consulting has an experienced team that can work with you to define the technology plan for a facility renovation or new building construction. During the early phase of a construction project, MMY professionals will partner with IT leadership and other stakeholders to conduct technology visioning and requirements gathering meetings.

Development of an IT strategy for the solutions and infrastructure to be deployed in your new facility is an important step in achieving the future state vision. MMY’s team of experienced consultants can help you define the roadmap to meet your objectives.

Our expertise includes:

  • Collection of client requirements
  • Evaluation of emerging technologies
  • Vendor evaluation and selection
  • Contract negotiation and procurement management
  • Pre-implementation planning

Infrastructure Design

The technology infrastructure is the backbone of your new or renovated facility. The MMY Consulting team provides our clients with a comprehensive approach in partnering with your IT organization, architects, builders, and stakeholders to validate the facility design will accommodate the planned infrastructure.

Experienced MMY resources can provide the project leadership in making infrastructure decisions early on thus avoiding costly design revisions during construction or renovations. During infrastructure design, we help our clients confirm that technology selections remain aligned to the enterprise vision or roadmap.

Engagements typically include one or more of the following:

  • IT infrastructure assessment and planning
  • Development of workstation environments
  • Low voltage design review and validation
  • Network analysis and planning
  • Implementation project planning
  • Development of infrastructure testing plans

Technology Integration and Interoperability Management

Managing integration during IT infrastructure implementation ensures that your technology solutions will successfully connect and share information. We understand that achieving convergence between disparate systems is key in delivering quality outcomes in a new facility or updated space.

Our experienced professionals understand the requirements to achieve system interoperability, develop the necessary interfaces and middleware, and provide the needed network connectivity.

MMY professionals will manage the process which may include:

  • Integration planning
  • Design and validation of operational workflow
  • Management of third-party solutions integration
  • Coordination of testing
  • Integration activation and cutover


Infrastructure Implementation Management

The final step of your technology planning and design project is to implement the solution or hardware in your new facility or building renovation. We provide the services to help you plan, implement, and test your IT infrastructure.  MMY provides the boots-on-the-ground project management resources at the construction site.

We will work closely with the architect, builder, their contractors, facilities engineering, and other stakeholders to be sure that technology decisions and requirements are addressed as construction progresses. While executing the implementation plan, we serve as the single point of contact and accountability representing the IT organization, owner, and other stakeholders.

We offer the following to help our clients achieve their technology objectives:

  • Program management
  • Infrastructure deployment
  • Technology commissioning
  • Coordination with transition management