Application Portfolio Rationalization

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Application Rationalization is the process of developing an inventory of all systems, software, tools, and related information within an organization’s technological environment. The inventory is designed to allow any organization to make informed decisions about systems and applications currently in use.

Although maintaining an application remediation program is not, and should not, be considered the core competency of an organization, it is an important program that supports the ultimate goal of cost control for ever-increasing IT budgets. The process includes:

  • Identification and Data Collection – MMY examines your table of organization to determine the most efficient way to collect relevant details. Creating an application placemat will give you a complete picture of application usage in your production environment. MMY provides a proprietary tool which allows you to manage your application portfolio going forward, so that you may make the most informed decisions possible.
  • Remediation – The information gathered in step one forms a foundation on which you can make more thoughtful application decisions. Now is the time to take corrective action for applications that can be decommissioned or deployed more effectively. A remediation strategy may contain, but is not limited to, the following details:
    • Cost Impact
    • Staffing Impact
    • Destination Application
    • New Build / Upgrade (Will training be required?)
    • Data Conversion (There are a number of options for your data from retired applications.)
    • Interface Impact
    • Infrastructure Impact and Changes
    • Timeframe and Project Plan
    • Key Resources

As your partner in the endeavor, the MMY team will guide the overall effort toward developing effective strategies that will maximize your application environment. Contact Us today to engage with an MMY expert!