MMY Managers, Principal Consultants, Technologists, and Analysts are recognized as the best in their respective industries. Since MMY’s founding in 2003, our focus has not been on the size of the firm, but on the quality of our consultants. This has allowed for the attraction and retention of some of the smartest business and technology advisers in the industry. We have experienced exceptional growth since our inception which is continuing. To meet our growing client demands, we are always seeking experienced staff to join the team.


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Job Opportunities

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Feedback we have received

“I want to reiterate how great it was to hear how much emphasis is placed on MMY’s relationships, not just with their clients, but with their consultants as well. It was very apparent to me that MMY’s mission to create a strong bond with both clients and consultants is sincere and genuine. As I said on the call, I have spoken to my fair share of recruiters and this was the first time a sentiment like that was shared. I am usually just one of many potential applicants that is usually rushed off the phone so they can continue on to the next. I was already interested in working with you before, but that interest has increased tenfold based on our conversation. Thank you so much for sharing that with me and I look forward to hearing from you again.” – MMY Candidate