February 25: ICD-10 Implementation with Tony LeCount

In this week’s Whiteboard Wednesday, Tony LeCount, Vice President, explains ICD-10 implementation and what you need to be prepared for during this documentation transition.  Visit our Go-Live Offering page here ( to learn more about our service program, download additional information, or sign up today to receive additional help.  

February 18: Security Service with Alan Tackett

In this week’s Whiteboard Wednesday, Alan Tackett reviews why Security as a service is critical for the Healthcare IT industry. Visit our Security page here to learn more about how we achieve the highest levels of assurance and business value for our clients.  Sign up today to receive additional help.  

Top Worries CIO’s Have Regarding to the Meaningful Use Reporting Period

Leaders in healthcare are asking whether or not we could benefit from learning and adapting changes as needed over a shorter time period? What is it that has CIOs concerned about the 1 year reporting period? According to a recent EHR Intelligence article Why a Full-Year Meaningful Use Reporting Period Worries CIOs, CIOs share their

CMS is Considering Reducing the MU Requirements for 2015 Part II

When we listen to those that work with a system and then come together and work as a team, positive things can and will take place. “The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is pursuing additional rule making potentially leading to reduced meaningful use requirements in 2015, one of which is a 90-day rather

Gain Assurance and Value with an IT Partner Who Knows Healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare organizations have plenty to worry about when it comes to worrying about the security of their information and their patients’ and staffs’ as well. You want to minimize as much as possible yours and your patients’ exposure to risk while optimizing opportunities for profit. If you’re one of the many hospitals planning

Don’t Be Part of the 50% Fail Rate in Healthcare-IT Implementation Projects

Many hospitals are planning major IT projects or migrations in 2015 but opt out of readiness assessment. If there is one thing your hospital can do to bolster the success rate of your next IT project, it is found in readiness assessment. In fact Complete Guide and Toolkit to Successful EHR Adoption by J. Daigrepont

3 KPIs Your Hospital Leadership Should Be Watching in the ICD-10 Era

Analytics in healthcare offer a key strategic piece in the game of gaining a competitive advantage over your competitors. Mike Miliard from Healthcare IT news writes that whether it’s “denial rates or average times for claims to be paid, there are hundreds of key performance indicators” your hospital leadership should be watching as we get

Why 55% of Physicians Don’t Plan to Attest to MU2 in 2015 but Why You Should

A recent survey done by Medical Practice Insider and SERMO released a startling figure: 55% of physicians aren’t planning to attest to MU2 in 2015. The social network which exclusively polled doctors reveals a critical problem—doctors are not only not convinced of the financial viability of EHRs but they are absolutely unconvinced of the software

6 Steps to Avoid Being the Next Headline in Privacy Concerns

Recent news about the website sharing user information with third parties has a lot of people understandably upset. Other stories like the Anthem breach on February 5th, which so far is the biggest healthcare security breach to date, add to the frustration. While it appears that the issues are being addressed now that

CMS Considering Easing Requirements for Hospitals and Doctors Adopting MU2

If you’re in the healthcare IT world, you are probably a little happier this month as news of easing some of the major requirements of attesting to MU2 has spread. The big news is that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) has announced its intentions to actually shorten the reporting period for meaningful use