Clinical Imaging Integration White Paper

MMY Consulting has released a new white paper about how clinical imaging integration brings the power to connect and streamline, and ways to keep your business current and profitable. Digital imaging integration has piqued the interest of many in the HIT industry as it connects patients to better care while reducing errors in care delivery. […]

MMY Consulting Launches Reporting on Demand: a New Custom Report Writing Service

MMY Consulting has launched a new custom report writing service that will allow clients to turn mountains of EHR data into meaningful information. Often, EHR base programs don’t have detailed reports with all critical information included in their default report choices, like information specific to individual organizations’ workflow. MMY’s flexible approach enables data presentation in […]

MMY Speaking at HFMA Florida Regional Event

Indianapolis, IN, March 17, 2015 Freeman Scott of MMY Consulting, Inc. (MMY) will be one of three presenters at the Florida HFMA Regional Event held at Bay Medical Center in Panama City on Friday, March 20. Freeman’s presentation will offer guidance to hospitals and physicians in preparing for testing of ICD-10. Topics include:  Why Should […]

How Value-Based Payments and Analytics Work Together

Big data and analytics in healthcare are growing trends in 2015. Transitioning to value-based payment is just the beginning of healthcare delivery, and one organization, Mayo Clinic Health System (MCHS) is demonstrating why this a smart strategy. According to a recent whitepaper released by MCHS, management saw a need to move from a “transactional view […]

EHR Privacy and Transparency Crucial

Buzzwords in 2015 include “transparency” and “privacy” and for good reason. With the recent news of the biggest data breach in healthcare ever, it’s becoming more and more urgent for healthcare decision makers to take steps to not only work toward greater quality of care in EHR implementation, but also to achieve transparency when it […]

Why the EHR Your Practice Chooses Matters

By now, you’re likely no stranger to the term “electronic health records (EHRs).”  Government regulations alone ensured that. Additionally, you’ve most likely made the decision to move to electronic health records (EHRs) in order to join other healthcare organizations in driving greater patient engagement and improving quality of care. But did you know that the […]

Keeping Your Data Secure

Cybersecurity can only be reached in a culture where privacy and security are esteemed. Each of us have a significant role to play in establishing such a culture. Four things that can help provider practices in particular build a privacy and security culture: ONC Educational Resources Risk Assessments National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) […]

Signs That Show Your Need for a New EHR System

“According to the National Center for Health Statistics, in 2013 only 13% of physicians had EHR systems capable of reporting all 17 core objectives of MU2. There are still many physicians running small and medium-sized practices whose vendors have yet to get up to speed.” According to a blog, “While the idea of walking away […]

Tips on Implementing a Successful EHR

Whenever there is change/journey to be taken, one must begin with a clear vision/map on where they want to end up, or they will get lost.  We all can agree that following a road map can be difficult at times when you are in a strange and unfamiliar place. It is so much easier to […]

Quality Improvement for EHR Technology?

Clinician perspectives on Electronic Health Information sharing for transitions of care seem to vary these days as we see new trends resulting from the demands set in place. The EHR market continues to present many puzzling questions. In theory, EHR is meant to improve communication and lower costs, but in actuality many physicians are finding […]