Why the EHR Your Practice Chooses Matters

By now, you’re likely no stranger to the term “electronic health records (EHRs).”  Government regulations alone ensured that. Additionally, you’ve most likely made the decision to move to electronic health records (EHRs) in order to join other healthcare organizations in driving greater patient engagement and improving quality of care. But did you know that the EHR you choose could impact the productivity and efficiencies you see in your practice? It’s true. Not all EHRs are equal. Thankfully, we have a few tips on how to choose the right EHR vendor regardless of which MU stage you’re ready to attest to.


A recent whitepaper from imaging.ubmmedica.com discussed the fact that as Meaningful Use matures, EHR programs will naturally follows suit, increasing in their complexity. And according to a recent HIMSS.com article, there are three things to consider before settling on a vendor.


  1. “Start by clearly defining your needs.” Each practice operates a bit differently, therefore it’s important to begin by thinking through the functions that your practice needs most. What are your priorities?


  1. “Make a scorecard of functional requirements.” Once you have your priorities, it’s good to rank them. Make sure you know which functions are the most important to have. That way, when you shop for EHRs, you have a frame of reference to know which ones are the best fit.


  1. “Make a short list of vendors.” With over 400 vendors to choose from, it’s necessary to narrow down your options to ones that fit your needs more closely. The article suggests eliminating companies that don’t have enough experience or can’t handle your size or specialty.


With so much riding on the line, why not partner with a reputable vendor, capable of making your transition to EHRs seamless and successful? MMY has been helping healthcare organizations all over the country attest to and navigate Meaningful Use.


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