EHR Privacy and Transparency Crucial

Buzzwords in 2015 include “transparency” and “privacy” and for good reason. With the recent news of the biggest data breach in healthcare ever, it’s becoming more and more urgent for healthcare decision makers to take steps to not only work toward greater quality of care in EHR implementation, but also to achieve transparency when it comes to how they transmit and share medical records.


EHRs have made the sharing of medical information simple. And while this allows medical professionals to more easily work together towards the treatment of a patient, it also poses concerns as to who will have access to that information. EHRs are also contributing to big data, which is another area of consideration when it comes to privacy. outlines the Openness and Transparency guidelines saying, “there should be openness and transparency about policies, procedures, and technologies that directly affect individuals and/or their individually identifiable health information.” Additionally, the guideline states:


“The Openness and Transparency Principle in the Privacy and Security Framework emphasizes the concept that trust in electronic health information exchange can best be established in an open and transparent environment. It also stresses that it is important for individuals to understand what individually identifiable health information exists about them, how that information is collected, used, and disclosed, and how reasonable choices can be exercised with respect to that information.”


MMY understands the importance and seriousness of transparency and privacy both for your organization and your patients. We are in the business of helping healthcare organizations just like yours comply with all aspects of Meaningful Use, including the Openness and Transparency Principle.


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