Worries CIO’s Have Regarding to the Meaningful Use Reporting Period Part 2

“Personally, I’ll admit that I vastly underestimated the resources required for that,” he observes. “The second year of Stage 1 incorporated a significant number of changes, increased requirements as it were, to meet meaningful use. The 2014 version included things like the patient portal and some clinical quality measure changes.”

Alan Whitehouse shares how they did not take into account how the turnover of a director/manager level would impact the process. “Although you wouldn’t think that impacts IT, every time I turned around it was impacting IT. I always say that IT impacts everything, and everything impacts IT.”

Given the critical role core leaders play in healthcare organization’s meaningful use efforts, it is crucial to have an IT team that is trained and skilled in meeting the upcoming challenges. MMY Consultants are here to help you and your team bridge the gap.