Tips on Implementing a Successful EHR

Whenever there is change/journey to be taken, one must begin with a clear vision/map on where they want to end up, or they will get lost. 

We all can agree that following a road map can be difficult at times when you are in a strange and unfamiliar place. It is so much easier to have a navigator beside you to help you, guiding the way.

Tips for successful EHR Implementation:

  • Leadership
  • Vision/road map
  • Culture for change

Leadership: Leaders need to know where they are leading (vision) and be able to demonstrate their integrity, responsibility, and respectability. True leaders know how to bring people together for the common good, capitalizing on their teams’ knowledge and strengths. They are also humble enough to ask for others input in areas they don’t have all the knowledge on.

Vision/ road map: A time-tested proven record of reliability and success. Why follow someone who truly doesn’t know where they are going? Why do we not learn from one another’s experiences and expertise? We don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” when we have one right in front of us that can help us get where we need to be.

Culture for change: Change can be intimidating, threatening, and formidable at times. To implement EHR changes successfully one must set up the environment to welcome the change. A culture that unites people together for the common good creates an atmosphere of mutual respect.

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