Signs That Show Your Need for a New EHR System

“According to the National Center for Health Statistics, in 2013 only 13% of physicians had EHR systems capable of reporting all 17 core objectives of MU2. There are still many physicians running small and medium-sized practices whose vendors have yet to get up to speed.”

According to a blog, “While the idea of walking away from a sizeable investment – sometimes as much as $100,000 – and starting over may give some doctors pause, not switching EHR vendors may pose an even greater expense in the long run.”

According to, “As of November 1, 2014, only 2% of eligible professionals had attested to Meaningful Use 21. This is not good news for the thousands of independent physician practices that rely on Medicare payments: the Center for Medicare Services is slated to hand out 1% penalties this year for MU2 slackers—which is estimated to total $1.15B2. With the 2014 Hardship Exception Deadline on the books, its time for many private practices to get serious about MU2.

Many physicians who are struggling with these new MU2 requirements are doing so because their EHR vendors are simply unable to meet them.

Questions to ask of an EHR vendor:

  • Inquire about their certification
  • Make sure your company’s capable of staying afloat in today’s ever-changing market.
  • If your EHR system needs a manual upgrade and your vendor can’t get to your needs
  • A healthy EHR system should make your team’s workload easier not more difficult
  • If your current EHR vendor is constantly struggling to keep up with these changes and their products lack innovation, then you must find a vendor that is capable of adapting.

Here at MMY we understand EHR systems and can help you get your system up to speed.