Meeting Quality and Safety Goals for EHR

Quality and Safety are two top buzz words in nearly every health care industry.

How we deliver care, to the people we serve, is measured by:

  • Quality in the outcomes
  • Maintaining safety in its delivery

As Dan Munro, a magazine contributor points out in this article, “a major problem is that the current healthcare industry is incentivized by revenue and profits — not safety and quality. Therefore, as newly re-elected Florida Governor (and former healthcare CEO) Rick Scott said at a recent meeting to discuss cutting costs in healthcare, the industry has been unwilling to voluntarily reduce profits. Since safety and quality using current methods would be expensive and slash profits, perhaps electronic health records (EHRs) and health information technology (HIT) could accomplish the goals of all stakeholders.”

It is critical to remember the common thread that ALL the healthcare workers use in caring for the patient they serve is the health care record. This official document has undergone and continues to undergo significant changes due to government policies, rules and regulations let alone technology.

MMY believes “Electronic Health Record (EHR) platforms have become mission-critical to the success of hospitals and health systems. These enterprise solutions touch every facet of a healthcare institution, and enable it to monitor the pulse of its performance, through quality measures and other important analytics. MMY provides multi-disciplinary teams with skills in EHR project management, clinical informatics, workflow analysis, software implementation, building and programming, testing, Go-Live support and training. These professionals are dedicated to your organizational attainment of Meaningful Use criteria and benefits, through the optimal use of your EHR assets”.

To meet quality and safety goals for an electronic health record, EHR system should involve a healthcare IT organization that truly understands the critical need for physician and other clinician input in its selection, implementation, and adoption processes. It is the physicians, nurses, patient care providers, lab technicians, and social workers… ALL who are stakeholders and are part of the TEAM that is striving to provide safe quality care to those they serve.

At MMY we are experts in EHR, CPOE, Ambulatory, and Departmental software applications. We are here to help hospital stakeholders, the entire TEAM, to embrace and leverage new information technology, which will help them to achieve better patient-centered outcomes.

We at MMY strive for quality and excellence. We understand the importance of the TEAM in reaching the goal, QUALITY in the outcomes, and SAFETY in its delivery. How can we help you reach your goal for success?