Federal Health IT plan for 2015 Under the Department of Health and Human Services, USA

The sound of the title alone is formidable, but like to the quote from Creighton Abrams:

“When eating an elephant take one bite at a time.”

This is the Introduction of the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan;

“The technologies collectively known as health information technology (health IT) share a common attribute: they enable the secure collection and exchange of vast amounts of health data about individuals. The collection and movement of this data will power the health care of the future. Health IT has the potential to empower individuals and increase transparency; enhance the ability to study care delivery and payment systems; and ultimately achieve improvements in care, efficiency, and population health.”

Note: There are two Federal Health IT plans for 2015:

  • Federal Health IT plan presently 2011-2015
  • Federal Health IT 2015-2020 plan to come out on Feb 6 at 5pm to public

Health IT Strategic Planning Guiding the Federal Health IT Agenda:

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) in joint efforts with public and private sectors’ goal is to design and implement strategies that will enable the collection of data through digital health information systems for the purpose of sharing and ultimately improving the health of individuals as well as the health care system itself.

The Federal Health IT plan 2015-2020, represents the work effort over 35+ federal departments and agencies in collaboration to advance the retrieval of and sharing of health information. Its goal is the purposeful use of electronic health information to improve health care for the individual and community health and research for the future.

The mission statement, principles, and five goals as listed in the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan are:

  • Vision: A health system that uses information to empower individuals and to improve the health of the population.
  • Mission: To improve health and health care for all Americans through the use of information and technology.

Federal Health IT Principles:

In developing and executing the federal health IT strategy, the government strives to:

  • Put individuals and their interests first
  • Be a worthy steward of the country’s money and trust
  • Support health IT benefits for all
  • Focus on outcomes
  • Build boldly on what works
  • Encourage innovations

Five Goals:

  • Achieve adoption and information exchange through the Meaningful Use of Health IT
  • Improve care, improve population health and reduce health care costs through use of health IT
  • Inspire confidence and trust in Health IT
  • Empower individuals with health IT to improve their health and the Health Care System
  • Achieve rapid learning and Technological Advancement

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