In addition to challenges by the AMA, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) has also been pressuring the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to make changes to meaningful use, interoperability and clinical measures. The fear is that, if changes aren’t made, meaningful use may no longer be meaningful to the medical community.

The HIMSS Petition

The HIMSS is a global, not-for-profit organization centered on improving health through information technology (IT). Many of their 57,000 members are serving the medical community in the endeavor to comply with federal requirements for the meaningful use program. On behalf of the medical community at large and patients across America, the HIMSS sent a letter petitioning HHS to make key changes to meaningful use in order to keep it viable and safe.

Immediate Patient Safety Concern: In the letter, HIMSS Chairman Paul Kleeberg and HIMSS President and CEO H. Stephen Lieber encourage the HSS to change the full year reporting requirement to a single three-month quarterly requirement.

“Based on current program requirements, we are facing a situation in which providers may be facing a choice of either ensuring patient safety or complying with regulatory guidelines: because 2015 MU requires too much in too-short a timeframe, rushed IT implementations could result in patient harm. No provider would choose such an outcome; hence, our concern that many may decide to not participate further in the program.”

To read the full letter, Click Here.

Interoperability and Clinical Measures: Additional recommendations were made addressing interoperability and clinical measures.

Regarding interoperability, requests were targeted at addressing the need to establish standards and ways to move them.

Regarding clinical measures, the recommendations were directed at making them less confusing.

HIMSS made clear their desire to support and aid the HSS in the progress toward improved healthcare through information technology. MMY Consulting is also committed to supporting organizations as they seek to comply with the meaningful use regulations HIMSS is pressing HSS to change.

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